June 21, 2023

Upcycled Food Movement Set to Gain Major Momentum

Marcy Kreiter
Robert Hoffman

Blog Synopsis:

This blog post discusses the rise of the upcycled food movement, a trend in the food industry where what would have been discarded is transformed into new products. It specifically highlights the experience of Josh Death, founder of Kazoo Snacks, who makes chips and cheese powder from upcycled corn germ. Death believes the upcycled food trend aligns with growing consumer awareness of food waste and environmental impact, and anticipates significant growth in the sector in the next five years.

Why Does It Resonate with Hoff's Hub?

  • Sustainability Consciousness: Hoff's Hub has always championed the principles of sustainability and efficient resource use, which is the driving philosophy behind the upcycled food movement.
  • Innovative Practices: As a hub for innovation, Hoff's Hub is intrigued by the creative and unique approaches businesses like Kazoo Snacks are taking to address food waste and promote sustainable consumption.
  • Promoting Health: Hoff's Hub believes in promoting healthier options for consumers. The fact that upcycled foods like Kazoo's chips are nutrient-rich aligns well with our values.

Tying it back to Hoff's Hub

  • Sustainable Choices: Hoff's Hub encourages members and visitors to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives, including in their food consumption. We can promote upcycled food options within our cafeteria or food-related events.
  • Awareness Programs: We can incorporate discussions about the upcycled food movement into our sustainability workshops and awareness programs. This can help members understand the importance of this approach, its environmental benefits, and how they can contribute.
  • Supporting Innovators: Hoff's Hub can consider fostering connections with upcycled food startups, offering them a space to showcase their products, or potentially collaborating on innovative projects. This aligns with our mission to support innovative and sustainability-focused initiatives.

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